The maturity level of the innovative culture of each organization is decisive in order to face the challenge of sustainable innovation.
We provide concepts, methodologies and tools to analyze in depth the ways of acting and leading of all those who are part of the organization, with the aim of co-creating new approaches and management models that promote collective learning towards more innovative cultures.


  • The Challenge of Innovation in the Age of Collaboration

The innovation process is one of the emerging facets of the Age of Information and the Knowledge Economy. Making this process systematic, favors the collaboration and value co-creation.
We analyze which are the conditions to design the context for collaboration within the framework of innovation, and we explore inspiring case studies.


  • The Innovation Impact on Customer Experience

A memorable Customer Experience is grounded on competitive differentiation.
We analyze how to strengthen the culture of innovation focused on Customer Experience and its impact on the Relationship Cycle.


  • Competences of the Innovative Leader

The culture of innovation is a collective issue which begins with the strategic decision of the organizations’ senior management.
We analyze the key competences to design an effective leadership model that promotes the development and optimization of the organizational innovative culture within the framework of systemic thinking.


  • Conversational Competences for Transformational Leadership

Every organization is a conversational network. Its way of communicating determines its identity and the performance threshold. We identify and analyze the key conversational skills to improve communication effectiveness, the quality of relationships, the coordination of actions and management of emotions within the framework of the Ontological Language.


  • Agile Methodologies

Innovative initiatives are characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity; therefore, they can´t be managed with traditional models.
We provide tools for a quick, flexible and collaborative management of projects and the systematization of creative processes.


  • Canvas Business Model

An innovative business model is based on finding and encouraging new ways of creating and adding value.
We analyze the performance of processes in the organization and their hyperlinking to identify potential improvement opportunities to add value to the process, and perception of value to the end user.